One of my greatest passions is speaking to women from all walks of life, about:

Embodying wholeness.  Piece by Piece. 

Awakening to their divine essence.

Connecting with their truth and creative source. 

Learning to listen and aligning with the soul to receive guidance.

Creating a life that is congruent with their values and desires. 

Developing their confidence and creating a style that is congruent with their personality.

Creativity as an expression of the divine nature. Working in the gap as creatives.

Following their Fears. Embracing Vulnerability.

If you are in need of an excellent speaker- one that has passion, compassion, humor & style, then… 

I am your speaker. 

“Eva is an inspirational and knowledgeable speaker; a guiding light that can assist anyone in finding their true passion and purpose. Her workshops are fun, engaging, full of laughter and wisdom. She is that person that you’d like to have as your best friend- full of great resources and experience with a kind heart. The tools that Eva shared have been extremely helpful in guiding my personal and professional life.”

L. Iraola

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