To embody Wholeness.  Piece by Piece.

Have you been told you’re too much? or not enough?

Do you feel restless? like something’s missing from your life? 

Do you have unfinished goals, unrealized dreams?

Do you feel stuck?

Paralyzed by fear?

If a yes to any of these, I invite you to envision us working together!

You & Me = The Most Powerful Alliance


What I bring

  • The passion to empower you to embody wholeness, awaken to your divine essence and rise as a goddess- connected to your truth and creative source. 
  • The compassion to hold sacred space for you to reintegrate all the pieces that are integral to who you are in order to heal into wholeness.
  • 17+ years of academic and professional experience in the fields of nursing, theology, mental health, and life coaching.
  • 1,500+ hours of counseling and coaching combined.
  • And more…

What You Bring

  • The desire to create a life that is in alignment with who you are.
  • The vision of what you want your life to look & feel like.
  • The commitment to aligning with your soul to find answers to your questions.
  • Your personal toolkit of life experiences and lessons.
  • An inquisitive mind to explore the what if’s that can alter the journey towards your destiny.
  • An open heart to receive wisdom from within.
  • And more you didn’t know you had within you!

“Eva is kind-hearted and deeply compassionate. She creates a warm space for you to be all of who you are. As a Whole Person Coach, I appreciate her willingness to work in all areas of life and to let you lead the way. Of course, her enthusiasm and constant championing from the sidelines help too!”

F. Knight

1 on 1 coaching

My 1:1 program is designed to help you reintegrate and heal into wholeness so that you step fully into the world connected to your truth and creative source!

sacred alignment

A foundational practice designed to guide you in aligning with your soul and connect with divine guidance.