Welcome to my home, Beautiful Woman!    

My name is Eva.  I am a speaker, healer and professional certified life coach. 

My sacred soul work is guiding women to their truth, facilitating their healing, awakening and rising. Healing to embody Wholeness- piece by piece. Awakening to their divine essence. Rising connected to their power and creative source.  I’m best known for providing a safe space for women to unfold, unravel and unbecome in order to become, again. Whole. Healed. Awaken. Risen.

Whether you’re here because you are seeking self-expression, confirmation of your soul purpose, reconnection with your essence, experiencing yourself fully- unapologetic, or because you give yourself in service to the world and need someone to hold space for you to receive, know that this is a space that is sacred, safe and YOU are welcomed here.

As you enter my home on the web, feel free to explore, reach out, and if your soul is calling you to take some action, please join me for a sacred alignment or 1 on 1 coaching.  

While life coaching is hard work -it takes time & energy, it’s one of the best work you’ll ever do. Are you ready? This is YOUR time.  

To Live Whole. Piece by Piece.

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